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Crumpets and Bollocks is Taking a Break

I'm so sorry to say this because I'm sure many of you are going to be CRUSHED hearing this news, like stay in bed for 3 days on an all-ice-cream diet watching the worst acting you can find on Netflix kind of crushed, but I'm fucking sick of blogging.


I fucking said it.

I mean blogging sucks. First I don't get paid to do it, but that's because I never wanted to. I get paid to write elsewhere, and it sucks because they have a shit ton of stupid rules and even worse decisions than I could make (yeah it's possible, like Trump voters), so I never wanted to get paid for my blogs. But it's a lot of work for free.

You have to write the posts. Come up with a stupid picture because you people can't fucking be interested in a gotdammed thing without a motherfucking picture of something that gives you feelings. Make sure the key word is used in the title, the paragraphs, the headings... Create headings and subheadings because most of you are skimming through…

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